“I called Allison with Sweet Dreams in a moment of pure desperation. My son had never slept well and by the time he was 4 months, his sleep or lack of it was ruling my whole life. I put it off until he was almost 6 months feeling like I should be able to do this and that dealing with it would be so scary. He was waking 7-9 times in a night, usually after about 40 min or an hour or so of sleep and feeding almost each time he woke. I was going to bed the same time he was, in an attempt to meet my sleep needs and his, but was falling horribly short on both.

Allison developed a personal plan for me to follow and feel good implementing. After only one night of sleep training, he was only waking one or two times and feeding only once! He began sleeping 11 hours a night and I got my evenings back for my husband and friends. Any time a question or worry came up, Allison was there to support me. I was reassured and felt positive getting my son back on track for his healthy sleep patterns. Don’t hesitate like I did, do yourself and your child a favor and call Allison!”


“My husband and I are co-parenting our nine month old daughter. At about 6 months her night time sleep changed from a couple of wake ups to 4-5 a night and then more recently every 45-90 minutes. Although she was having 3-4 naps a day she would scream herself to sleep while we held and bounced her for all of her naps and the same when going to bed at night. I nursed her through the night for a few minutes each time she woke up to transition her into her next sleep cycle. Needless to say, all three of us were exhausted and needed to make a change! 

We are attachment parenting so I really didn't want to let her cry it out. After doing some research I discovered Allison. The more gentle approach she coaches was exactly what we were looking for. I knew there would be some crying involved but figured it couldn't get any worse since she was already crying herself to sleep every time anyway. After meeting with Allison we started night time sleep coaching right away. 

Although there were some tears, she slept through the night on the first try! It was as if she was waiting for us to just let her figure it out for herself instead of helping her every time. After ten days we nap coached too, so that we wouldn't have to bounce, nurse or nap with her. Now she's going down for her naps without a fuss too!

I now have 5 hours of my day back because I used to spend that time bouncing or nursing her to sleep and laying down with her. I don't regret any of our cuddle time, but now I'm happy to get my snuggles and hugs in when she's awake. All three of us are very happy and have more energy to enjoy the day!”


“The situation with my kids and sleep is a little different, in that they are older. My son is almost seven and he was still coming into our room every night (or yelling for me to get him) and wanting me to cuddle him to sleep every night. My daughter (3 years) had taken to sneaking out of bed several times and coming to where we were to play. I was either falling asleep with my kids and the rest of the evening was a right-off, or getting extremely *#&@* mad and losing my cool with my kids each night. Allison gave me all the tools I needed to stop the madness. With her coaching, my kids now go to bed with a story and stay in bed, sleeping through the night. I no longer feel like the exhausted mom every day, AND I have my evenings back.”


Allison was a godsend. She listened to our concerns, reassured us and brought us hope when we were feeling overwhelmed. Through her coaching and reassurance she made our experience very manageable as opposed to the nightmare I had envisioned. Her services were definitely an investment in our sanity!


“The kids are doing awesome with the sleep thing. Sleeping though the night… Just like magic.
Weird! Thanks again for all your help. We owe you for all our easy nights of actually being able to hang out.”

Amy & Justin

“I hope all is well. Just wanted to touch base. Abbey is still doing really well. She is falling asleep within minutes for both nighttime and nap time. At night, she normally sleeps from 7 -7:30pm until 1-2am. Wakes for a 10-20min feed and sleeps until 6. It's amazing!!”